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Ok heres some more on the EkaPad: what in my opinion could be done to improve it? First it would be good to have some sort of visual indicator of the current mode and any prefixes/modifiers in effect. Secondly some way of remaping the chords independently of the main keyboard perhaps by allowing a suitable device driver to switch it to sending raw chords after boot up.

Also good would be to replace the chords used for configuration with recessed switches and buttons. This would free up some chords for more regularly used charachters. It would also reduce the odds of accidentally reconfiguring by typo.

On the plus side I'm slowly getting the hang of the chords although it is still a lot slower than my two fingered typing on a regular keyboard. A lot of people get a chording keyboard because of RSI but that's not a problem I have although it doesn't hurt to stop it before it starts.

Although the keyboard is slower the constant checking of the cheat-sheet plus the orientation of the keyboard means I have to touch-type which is all to the good.

Posted Sun 14 Jun 2009 17:06:45 BST Tags: ekapad