Over the years I've had a lot of ideas for things that could be done with computers, the web or the internet. I've done something with essentially none of them. Other people have had the same or similar ideas later and done something with them. Sometimes these people have made a lot of money. So the idea behind the blog was that I would document my ideas on the blog and I could then look back and see how much money I hadn't made. Of course a lot of people had similar ideas, acted on them and still made nothing. The internet is something of a winner takes all environment. The blog title is meant to imply that if I had a dollar for every good idea I'd had over the years I would have quite a lot of money.

Obviously I haven't used this blog much for its original purpose or indeed any other. I'm going to try to revive it by posting something to it at least once a week and I'll probably start that off by returning it to its original purpose of recording ideas I've had for improving the web and the world.

I should add that I live in Great Britain so perhaps I should have titled this blog "If I had a pound...". On the other hand I also favour the dissolution of all government issued currency in favour of something like http://www.ripple.com/ possibly as an intermediate step towards anarcho-communism.