For the past couple of days I haven't been able to access Goodreads. I get a response page that reads:

403 Forbidden

Request forbidden by administrative rules.

Using google I could find no evidence that Goodreads was down and Is it down right now claims it is up and has been so for the last week. A little poking around and I found I couldn't access Goodreads directly over my normal internet connection or via TOR but could access it just fine using my phone as a mobile hotspot.

As the IP I normally browse from also functions as a restricted TOR exit node I conclude that Goodreads has started blocking TOR exit nodes. This is rather tricky to Google due to frequent references to Tor books and Goodreads together on the internet. Oddly enougth Goodreads owner Amazon don't block me so I guess they only object to TOR when there isn't any money in the offing.